The aim of the COMMERCIAL UNMANNED AIRCRAFT ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHERN AFRICA (CUAASA) is to serve, promote, watch over, advance and mutually protect the interest of the commercial RPAS industry, and to act as a link between the industry and government, government agencies and other public bodies within the Southern African region.



CUAASA's purpose is to represent the interests of member companies and affiliated groups and associations at local, national and regional levels. We provide a platform for all members of the commercial unmanned aviation industry to voice their concerns and participate in the affairs of this new sector in aviation. 

CUAASA's next focus area is to establish and support commercial operators in this challenging and technology-leading environment. CUAASA believes that growth in this market will be the next challenge in aviation and of real importance for the Southern African region. Our goal is to ensure that the future benefits of unmanned aerial aviation and systems for the Southern African region is fully understood, accepted by all and supported by industry and government. Many perceptions, fears, misunderstandings and archaic ideas and view points need to be changed in order to move into the next aviation dimension.  

The association was formed to assist its members to obtain a sound legal basis for their operations in anticipation of a new legal framework for UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) operations in Southern Africa.

To this end:

  • we are to engage in discussion with all relevant role players, in establishing us as an entity in the structures of the aviation industry.

  • we will participate in the debate on the interim regulating of UAV operations and make submissions to any appropriate forum.

  • we will assist our members in any forum to regularize their operations. 

The association further has as a mandate to assist its members to promote safety, raise the standard of operations and to prepare its members for the envisaged new  legal framework.   

CAASA HOUSE, Gate 9, Lanseria International Airport, South Africa

+27 11 659 2345

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